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Dean Richard - A Short Biography

Personal Info

Full name: Dean Kenneth Richard
Residence: Currently resides in Milwaukee, WI after living in Madison, WI for most of his life.
Marital Status: Divorced 2001 
Children: Two, Daniel (born May 1, 1993) and Terry (born July 28, 1995)

Musical Background

Dean has been playing guitar, harmonica, keyboards, and bass since the early 70’s. He has been doing recording (performing, engineering, and producing) of his own material almost as long, and has been engineer/producer for several locally successful recordings by other artists as well.

About the Diving Duck CD

Dean Richard spent 17 years playing music full-time in bars, clubs, weddings, hotels, parties, and just about any type of social gathering where music was played. During that time he did over 3000 performances. There were gigs at beer-bar dives, juke box joints and Holiday Inn hotels. There were stays in every type of hotel from five-star to subterranean refuge. Finally after 17 years of living that life, he decided it was enough. He got a day job, stopped traveling, and with his wife had two wonderful children. The job was going all right, the children were great, and life seemed pretty good. But, there was one thing that just wouldn’t go away, and that was the desire to make music. The desire to create music that was emotional, powerful, and unique never stopped. He continued to record in his home studio in his spare time, and tried to create music that was both intense and emotional. The Diving Duck CD is the result of those efforts


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